Child Dedication

I Am a Child of God

From the moment I found out I was pregnant, I remember crying with such joy, as I always dreamed of being a mom. I was one of those girls that always wanted a big family. This is mainly because I come from a family of 28 cousins and we are all best friends! So yes,

I am the girl who would confidently tell people I want 5 kids!

[ cue in confused jaw dropping reactions ]

Then fast forward to days later...I started to freak-out. I was worried about not being financially ready for a child, Brett and I had not planned our wedding, I couldn’t imagine raising a child where we were living, in the hustle and bustle of Hollywood...there were just so many things I was stressed about.

I wanted to scream,



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Sharing & Showing Love:
Valentine’s Day with a Baby
& Children’s Hospital

Another holiday means another "first" for our little Ten Ten. It is Tenley's 1st Valentine's Day! I have to admit, celebrating baby's "firsts" never gets old for me. When a holiday rolls around, it is also a reminder in my house that I absolutely love arts and crafts. Now... I am obsessed with any Baby DIY projects!

I may sometimes go a "little overboard" with decorations and DIY projects.

Okay, scratch that.

Not probably, I do go overboard with crafting.

Everyone has a hobby right?! Since Tenley has entered our lives, I have been looking for ways to incorporate arts and crafts projects that is baby appropriate. This Valentine's Day, I have created two Baby DIY printables for you and your little one!

(located below the instructions)

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