Vinyl DIY Projects: Unique Things to Make with Vinyl Scraps!

I have tried multiple vinyl DIY projects, and this sticker hack is a fun and easy way to help your kids put on their sandals and shoes correctly using leftover scrap vinyl from previous projects. If you know me, I love using upcycled materials and make eco-friendly swaps to preserve nature. If you have any leftover vinyl scraps from your previous projects, it’s time to use them!

Sandal/Shoe Sticker Hack

If you want a quick overview, please watch this 30-second short clip. Otherwise, let’s do it together in this short step-by-step guide;

Materials Needed:

Vinyl Scraps (Leftover Vinyl Pieces)
– A pair of sandals or any shoe you want to apply designs
– Cricut Machine (I used this one for this project but I also like using this one too!)
– Cricut Easy Press Mini
– Measuring Tool (ruler or measuring tape)
– Pair of Scissors

Note: I will be using Cricut’s Design Space App to help my design. This is included when you purchase your Cricut machine. I highly recommend the Cricut Joy and/or Cricut Explore Air 2. I use both frequently.

Now, let’s start with this easy and fun sandal/shoe hack with scrap vinyl pieces!

Step 1: Measure the Distance Take your pair of sandals or shoes. Measure the point from the bottom where you want to apply the stickers. This ensures proper measurement so everything appears aligned and aesthetically appealing.

Step 2: Design Your Sticker Now, head over to the Cricut Design Space app and find an image that your kid(s) would enjoy. For my daughter, I chose a butterfly and for my son, I chose a dinosaur. You can find hundreds of pre-made images, such as, hearts, animals or any artistic shapes you want.

Step 3: Resize the Design Once you have your design, it is time to resize the design accordingly to the sandal or shoe. While designing and resizing, ensure that you have enough leftover vinyl (scrap vinyl). I have a big bin that I place all my scrap vinyl in from previous projects. If you are wondering how not to waste vinyl with Cricut, simply design it properly so it covers every bit of the vinyl sheet.

Step 4: Cricut Machine Magic! Now, it is time to use the Cricut machine to cut out your designs using your leftover vinyl (scrap vinyl) from previous projects.

Step 5: Cut in Half and Apply Once the Cricut machine is done, cut your image in half and place them one-by-one of both sandals or shoes.

Step 6: Iron-on Finally, iron your scrap vinyl with the Cricut Easy Press Mini for about 15 seconds. You can also use simple iron with caution.

Upcycled Vinyl Scraps Wrap-Up

The non-biodegradability of vinyl can negatively affect the environment. Its production and disposal may release harmful chemicals like PCBs, C2H4Cl2 (a colorless toxic liquid), and mercury into the environment. But we can’t ignore the importance of vinyl products in construction, healthcare, transportation, and other such sectors. Instead of dumping it, we can do various vinyl DIY projects out of its scrap and leftover vinyl from these projects.

You can replicate such designs in any vinyl DIY project. From kids’ shoes to shirts, everything can be made appealing. On top of that, you will be utilizing scrap vinyl, which might take ages to decompose. Upcycled the leftover vinyls when you can!

From eco-friendly swaps to sustainability tips and exciting upcycled DIY ideas, you can find everything here. 

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Everyone can live sustainably and practice being more eco-friendly in various ways. Let me show you how through my Upcycled DIYs, sustainable tips and eco-friendly swaps (eco swaps).

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