Matcha Dalgona - Green Tea Whip - Green Tea Latte - Green Tea Froth - Green Tea Frappuccino - Coffee Dalgona -

It is 2020…and the world is currently quarantined.
I can’t wait to read this months or even years from now and be reminded of this. What a crazy time to be living.  

With everyone social distancing and staying inside, many people seemed to have picked up new hobbies, such as cooking, baking, bread making, and more!

The trending drink, Dalgona Coffee, has been a hit throughout various social media outlets, such as, Tik Tok, Instagram, YouTube, and Instagram.

Everyone seems to be making it! And I totally get it, because I love it too. It’s delicious and easy to make.

After a few days of Dalgona Coffee…I was craving for something different, just to shake things up! 

I love coffee, but I also love matcha green tea. So, naturally, I decided to find a way to make Matcha Dalgona.

…it turns out I found,

THREE WAYS to make
Matcha Green Tea Dalgona!


What is Dalgona?

Dalgona Coffee has gained its popularity in Korea, where its a drink with whipping equal proportions of instant coffee, sugar and hot water until it becomes creamy and then adding it to cold or hot milk. 

Basically, it’s a delicious whipped coffee topping on top of cold or hot milk!

To make Dalgona Coffee:

2 tablespoons | instant coffee
2 tablespoons | sugar
2 tablespoons | boiling water

You mix and beat those 3 ingredients together till it froths and stiffen and then place it on top of your milk. It’s delicious!! 

Tip: add a pinch of cinnamon on top, if you like cinnamon!

Matcha Green Tea Dalgona

with Heavy Whipping Cream!

Matcha Dalgona - Green Tea Whip - Green Tea Latte - Green Tea Froth - Green Tea Frappuccino - Coffee Dalgona -


1/4 cups | Heavy Whipping Cream
1.5 tablespoons | sugar
1 tablespoon | matcha powder

My favorite matcha powder is 4.5 stars and over 13,000 reviews!

[ click here for the matcha powder ]

Mix heavy whipping cream and sugar into a bowl or large cup and beat it until it becomes more thick and whipped like.

What do you use to beat the mixture?

You have many options. The most popular is a whisk, but this can take a while (approximately 15 minutes of whisking). Another popular option is an electric mixer. My go to is my handheld frother from Amazon!

My handheld frother is only $15!

[ click here for the best frother! ]

Next, add your matcha powder into the mix and beat it more till you get a thicker consistency. Feel free to stop or continue to your dalgona texture liking!

I like mine semi-thick, because I like how it easily mixes into my milk.

Once you are done beating your mixture to our desired texture and thickness, place it on top of your milk. Your milk can be cold or hot.


Matcha Green Tea Dalgona

with Egg Whites!

Matcha Dalgona - Green Tea Whip - Green Tea Latte - Green Tea Froth - Green Tea Frappuccino - Coffee Dalgona -

I promise you, it does not taste eggy at all! Think adding eggs when you bake a cake. Your cake does not taste like eggs, instead the egg whites help the dalgona texture and consistency.


1 | egg white
(I used liquid egg whites)
4 tablespoons | sugar
4 tablespoon |  water
1 tablespoon |  matcha powder

Here are great egg whites and egg white alternatives:

Place egg white in a cup or bowl and beat it till it gets frothy and stiffen.

Next, mix 4 tablespoons of sugar with the 4 tablespoons water on the stove on low and let it boil. It’ll create a nice syrup.

Once the syrup is boiling and the egg white texture is thick, continue beating the egg mixture, while gently pouring in the syrup.

Then add in matcha powder and whip some till it is all mixed together with a thick consistency to your liking.

Pour it over iced milk or hot milk and enjoy!

Matcha Green Tea Dalgona


Matcha Dalgona - Green Tea Whip - Green Tea Latte - Green Tea Froth - Green Tea Frappuccino - Coffee Dalgona -

How do you make this vegan? The key ingredient is aquafaba, instead of heavy whipping cream and instead of egg whites. 

What is aquafaba?
It is the liquid in your can of chickpeas! Yes, it actually can be used for so many things! So before you drain your chickpeas, save them for next time. 


1 tablespoon |  matcha powder
2 tablespoons | agave syrup or sugar
4 tablespoons | aquafaba

Beat the aquafaba in a bowl or cup, until it is frothy and stiffens. 

Slowly mix in agave syrup or sugar, and continue to mix. If you are using sugar, try your best to mix it so the sugar crystals disappear.   

Once those are mixed well and the consistency has thicken, add matcha powder.

Once the matcha is completely mixed and your texture is to your liking, top it over hot or cold milk alternative, such as, oat milk, almond milk, soy milk, etc. Enjoy!!


Have you tried Coffee Dalgona or Matcha Dalgona?
Are you obsessed as I am?!



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