Tenley’s Christmas present!

She was so excited to get her very own

personalized kitchen that is inspired by

our favorite restaurant, Malibu Farm!

You too can EASILY create something like this for your little ones!


this may be your 100th+
Ikea play kitchen hack
you have seen on Pinterest or Instagram.


You may be asking…


Why are there so many
Ikea Play Kitchen Hacks? 


Parents love the Ikea play kitchen for many reasons, such as:

♦ It is height adjustable.

This kitchen is good for years to come! It is appropriate for toddlers and on. 

♦ It is affordable at $99.

♦ It is 100% easy to personalize!

♦ It is a FUN Ikea Hack.

Truth be told… Ikea Hacks are my obsession!
Once you start, you just can’t stop. Pretty much like Pringles, but less calories.


To spice things up…
(kitchen pun intended)

I decided to do something different.

Welcome to the Kitchen Got Back version!

What in the world am I talking about?

Okay, you caught me.

I wanted an excuse to throw in Sir Mix-a-Lot’s “Baby Got Back” in a blog post! LOL.

(I promise, it applies to this project.)


The majority of Ikea play kitchen hacks focus on the “front” of the kitchen.

I decided to focus on the back of the kitchen, because I envisioned that my daughter and I would have more interaction, if the kitchen functioned like a food stand or food truck.


Also, it trains her to learn how to cook and serve me food. Train them young right?

Totally kidding.
Design Inspiration?

We played around with a couple of ideas.

Our ideas bloomed from a list of her favorites…

Favorite Movie: Moana

Favorite Character: Minnie Mouse

Favorite Food: Kale Chips, etc.


As funny (and odd) as a Kale Chip Kitchen would be…

the winner was our favorite local restaurant, Malibu Farm.


If you are ever in Southern California, be sure to check it out!

We love that they they serve local and organic dishes and

there is the pier that Tenley can run around to tire her out before naptime.

It is always a win-win situation for the whole family!

Photos of Malibu Farm:  


Want more photos of Malibu Farms?

Check out one of my favorite mamas, Chelsea Norton,

when her family were in town and went here too!

The Noterie Blog


The “Ah, I am a parent moment!”

You know when you are a parent,

when you are overly excited to plan, personalize, and

pimp this play kitchen for your child! 🙂

WATCH the video below to see how Malibu Farms inspired our play kitchen!



Ikea Duktig Kitchen
Shiplap Contact Wallpaper
Succulent Vases
Adhesive Hooks for Vases
Chalkboard Paint
Paint Roller
Painter’s Tape
Glue Gun
Gorilla Glue (highly recommend using instead)
Wood Frames: Home Depot
Blue Spray Paint
Ivory Spray Paint
Gold Spray Paint





The Reveal:

DIY Ikea Duktig Hacks

That Inspired Me:

Mrs. Happy Gilmore

Offers a great tutorial (step-by-step guide)

Saving Amy Blog

Another great tutorial + Ikea hack for a kids play fridge!

Other “Kitchen Got Back” Inspos!

Kaylee Parks

Hue Me Happy

Mommo Design

Zoey Zo Kids Concept

Offers adorable pre-made stickers for the back of the Ikea Duktig Kitchen!
aka: GENIUS!

Have YOU hacked an Ikea play kitchen?

If so, I would love to see it!!

Comment below or send me an email with pictures!


Thinking of doing one for your little one?

My best advice…Do it!
It is so much fun to personalize!






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  1. Wow, I so much loved that play Kitchen, would certainly need that for my lil son as well. It seems perfectly arranged with the awesome menu options!

  2. The pictures are beautiful and your little girl is adorable. I am an IKEA lover, everything is affordable there and I love the play kitchen.

  3. A play kitchen has been on my list for a while. This looks beautiful. Gotta love Ikea. Thank you for sharing this. My kids would adore it!

  4. Love what you did here! I have never been to Ikea but its on my bucket list for the year! lol Thanks for sharing!