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I Spy: Easter!

I Spy Easter Game-Free Printable-Toddler 1

I spy with my little eye…

little chicks!

Whether your little ones are indoors, taking a break outside, on a road trip, or in the classroom…this FREE I Spy: Easter Printable is perfect for any occasion!

This is the perfect screen free activity for kids.

FUN TIP: Add these in your kid’s Easter basket for a fun activity to wind down after eating all of those chocolate Easter Eggs!

My little one (3 years old) loves to whip out her magnifying glass and pretend she is playing detective! The magnifying glass is not necessary at all, but it sure is adorable to see her get into it!

[click the photos below] 
to see adorable magnifying glass options!


There are FOUR different versions of this I Spy Easter printable that varies in levels of difficulty. 

I tested these with my daughter, and I realized my original version was a bit overwhelming at first.

So, I made easier versions for her that helped introduce her to the I Spy game. 

See what works best for you and your kids! 

I Spy: Easter Printable! 

I Spy Easter Game-Free Printable-Toddler


PS: Answer Key located at the bottom of this post.

Ideas for Playing I Spy Printables

When I first introduced I Spy printables to my daughter, I watched her to see how she would approach it. 

You can approach it in many different ways that could make it more fun for the kids! 

Here are tips to help your kids keep track and count the items in these printables.

✶ Mark + Number each item. 
My daughter first did this and it helped her keep track of how many items were in each sheet. For example, she would write #1 on the first flower she saw and then #2 on the second flower she saw, and so forth. 

Dot Markers work great!
This was my daughters favorite thing to do! She used a different dot marker color per item. For example: She used pink for the flowers and blue for the butterflies. It helped her see which ones she counted and which ones she didn’t. 

Use a different color for each item. 
ie: the flowers are colored/marked with pink, the butterflies are colored/marked with blue, etc. 

Reuse + Recycle Tip!

We love to laminate printables, because we can play with them over and over! They are very handy on roadtrips!

…just don’t forget the expo/whiteboard pen!

Here is my favorite laminator for only $20!

[click here for laminator machine]


And here are the laminating sheets I like:


[click here for the sheets]

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Answer Key

Page 1 Color
3 chicks | 3 bunnies | 2 polka dot eggs | 1 chevron pink egg | 1 yellow flower | 2 red flowers | 3 carrots | 2 butterflies

Page 2 BW
3 bunnies | 2 chicks | 2 stripped eggs | 2 polka dot eggs | 3 flowers | 2 butterflies

Page 3 Color
  8 bunnies | 5 chicks | 4 polka dot eggs |  5 chevron pink egg |  2 yellow flower |  3 red flowers | 3 carrots |  3 butterflies

Page 4 BW
6 bunnies | 5 chicks | 2 stripped eggs | 5 polka dot eggs | 4 flowers | 5 butterflies


I Spy Easter Game-Free Printable-Toddler
I Spy Easter Game-Free Printable-Toddler
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