It is Tenley’s 1st Valentine’s Day!

I have to admit, celebrating baby’s “firsts” never gets old for me. When a holiday rolls around, it is also a reminder in my house that I absolutely love arts and crafts.

It is probably because I may go a “little overboard” with decorations and DIY projects.

Okay, scratch that.

Not probably, I do go overboard with crafting.

Everyone has a hobby right?! Since Tenley has entered our lives, I have been looking for ways to incorporate arts and crafts projects that is baby appropriate. This Valentine’s Day, I have created

two memorable printables for your little ones.

(located below the instructions)



Sharing Love: Valentine’s Day Baby Crafting

Free Printables! Easy & Fun Arts and Crafts with your baby! Valentine's Day DIY. Baby Valentine's Day.All you need for this project are the following:

→ Your adorable little one(s)

Non-toxic paint

Paint sponge or roller

Paper (I prefer cardstock printing paper)

→ Free printables (PDF below)

When do you recommend starting this project? It depends on your little one. If they tend to be very active, you may want to do this during their nap time. On the other hand, some babies don’t mind if you are painting their cute little feet. You know your baby best. You may even have to try both methods to see what works.

Don’t worry, you can print my printable as many times as you want!

For Little Ten Ten, I was able to do it while she was awake. I had her lay on her boppy with a few distractions handy, like her pacifier and toys, which was used when she started getting fussy in the beginning.

I think she was just confused on what was happening.

Nothing that a few bicycle kicks couldn’t fix!


Step 1:

Optional: I double-taped my printables on to a hard-surface, such as a book, because I brought the printables to Tenley’s feet. Since she cannot stand on her own, just yet, it was the easiest method for me.


Step 2:

Get your non-toxic paint and paint sponge/roller ready!

I’d also recommend having a cup of water and napkins and/or baby wipes just in case. Our little Ten Ten is always on the move, so if we are using anything potentially messy, like paint, we always have wipes ready!


Step 3:

It’s time to paint those little adorable feet!

Start by painting one foot at a time.


When one foot is painted, use one hand to hold it steady by the ankle. Use the other hand to bring the printable to their foot to create one one side of a heart or the “v” in “love,” depending which printable you are crafting.

They are both very similar shapes, you can’t go wrong!

 Free Printables! Easy & Fun Arts and Crafts with your baby! Valentine's Day DIY. Baby Valentine's Day.

Optional: Before reaching the other tiny foot, wipe the painted foot, so paint doesn’t go everywhere if/when your baby kicks.

I didn’t do this the first time, and Tenley managed to get my pants all pink! Silly girl.

Then repeat the painted instructions with the other foot.

Free Printables! Easy & Fun Arts and Crafts with your baby! Valentine's Day DIY. Baby Valentine's Day.

Remember to wipe off those painted feet before celebrating your masterpiece!


Step 4:

Ta-da! Now it is time to show your baby their masterpiece!!

 These moments are meant to be cherished and documented.

Take a selfie or 2 (or if you’re like me… more like 20 pictures!) with your little one.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your little ones!




Watch Little Ten doing her first arts and crafts project in action:



♥ Free Printable:
Baby Crafting



♥ Free Printable:
Baby Crafting

“I Love You”


 Printables Note: Depending on the size you desire, you can adjust to print “fill entire paper” or “print entire image”/”fit to page.” You should be able to preview before you print.

Let me know if you have any questions by commenting below!




Showing Love: Valentine’s Day

at the

LA Children’s Hospital

People photograph designed by Pressfoto –

Good News: ANYONE & EVERYONE can do this for Valentine’s Day!

Not only do I want to do fun arts and crafts with my little babe, but I also want to instill the importance of sharing love to others. I know she is only 4 months, but it is always important to start them young. I hope that documenting these moments will allow her to look back and remember to always live life with kindness and love.

This project is very quick, easy, and SO incredibly special.

All you need for this project are the following:

→ The Internet

Share your Valentine's Day love with the Children's Hospital for free! SO SIMPLE.Guess what?! You are half-way there!

The Los Angeles Children’s Hospital gets more than 528,000 patients each year. This Valentine’s Day, you and your family can go on their website and write an adorable Valentine’s Day card to their patients for free!

The Children’s Hospital will then hand-deliver these cards, along with some goody bags, during the week of Valentine’s Day. You and your little ones are able to choose from 3 very adorable cards to give to a child in the hospital.

Share your Valentine's Day love with the Children's Hospital for free! SO SIMPLE. Share your Valentine's Day love with the Children's Hospital for free! SO SIMPLE.

Being a hospital patient is hard enough, but it is extra tough for kids.

It only takes a few seconds to put a smile this Valentine’s Day

for kids at the LA Children’s Hospital!

Another great thing about writing a card to a patient, is that for each card, BLVD Hotels has pledged to donate $1 to the Children’s Hospital LA. You will have until February 14th to send your cards. Be sure to do it before Tuesday!

I hope you enjoy picking out and writing these adorable Valentine’s Day cards to the children at the Children’s Hospital!

♥ Click here to start sharing the love this Valentine’s Day ♥

Happy Valentine’s Day to all!

And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.

1 Corinthians 13:13

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    1. Thank you so much! I bet you had great arts and crafts projects when your kids were little! It’s never too late to start now or finding your own craft projects. It honestly brings me so much peace 🙂

  1. That is such a cute craft! I think it is never to early to instill a sense of stewardship in a child. While she might not understand now, one day it will be like second nature to help others.

    1. Right?! You are completely right. I would love her to have the heart of gold to help others and love others become second nature to her. Thank you so much for stopping by and reading this post!

    1. I know! I just can’t resist those cute little feet and handprints!! Thank you for your kind words and stopping by!