There are many reasons parents want to introduce a new language to their children. We personally wanted to teach our 5 year old, Tenley, Chinese (Mandarin) to have her learn and connect with her heritage. 

Our daughter is part Chinese, Vietnamese, Norwegian, and German. At a very young age, she has always been fascinated with Chinese culture, especially during Lunar New Year. 


She loves asking her grandparents stories about Chinese traditions and has always been eager to learn more. 

Why learn Chinese now? 


To be completely honest, I never found any Chinese (Mandarin) classes that checked all the boxes for our family until I heard about LingoAce. I was super impressed when I read about their immersion program.

Top Reasons We Signed-Up for LingoAce’s Foundation Program:

1. Designed for beginner learners who have very limited experience with Chinese.

2. One-on-One immersion class style.

3. Teachers are fluent in both Chinese and English and are professionally certified. 

4. Interactive games and activities to make it fun!

Daughter’s Perspective:

Did she really enjoy learning Chinese with LingoAce?


I was so surprised how engaged my daughter was in her first class. Her teacher does an excellent job at interacting with Tenley and keeping her focused throughout the class. Currently, my daughter takes two 25 minute classes per week.

LingoAce classes are super simple and fun to set-up. We simply log-in to LingoAce on our laptop or Apple iPad, and everything is ready to go!

My Daughter’s Favorite Things about LingoAce

1. Learning Day-to-Day Chinese: What better way to learn a new language than to learn words that you could use in everyday scenarios? After her LingoAce class, my daughter would run downstairs and show my husband and her little brother how to say, “hello,” “goodbye,” “thank you,” and more in Chinese. It is so cute to see!

2. Writing in Chinese: My daughter learned how to write numbers 1 to 10 in Chinese and she said that “Writing in Chinese is like drawing art, because it is so pretty to write in Chinese.” She loved practicing how to write in Chinese after class!

3. Fun Activities and Programs Outside of Class: Tenley loved logging into the LingoAce app after class because they offer free interactive games and printed materials to help your child review what they learned in class. 

Parents’ Perspective:

What did we really think about LingoAce?


To be completely honest, I was initially hesitant about signing Tenley up for a virtual language immersion class, because I was nervous for her to stay focused and engaged in a virtual class, but thankfully, I was wrong to worry! 

I am incredibly thankful for my daughter’s LingoAce teacher and her LingoAce team. As a LingoAce student, you are assigned a Course Consultant to help you schedule classes that work best for you and a Learning Advisor to make sure all the technical logistics in your class goes smoothly. 

I also am a big fan of immersion style classes! Did you know that it is the fastest and most effective way of learning a language? Immersion style classes help learners to think in the language instead of translating. With this method, Tenley was able to communicate quickly with what she learned in her LingoAce Foundation Program.

With Tenley taking four LingoAce classes, I already see the benefits of her learning a new language. Tenley already has so much pride in knowing some Chinese. The other day, Tenley said to me, “I am so happy I know some Chinese and want to learn more so I can travel and talk to more people.” 

I think we got ourselves a little travel bug, and I am loving it! Seeing Tenley learning a new language with LingoAce is truly beautiful to see.

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I highly recommend LingoAce! 

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