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See Everything It Can Make – Summer Fun Surprises!


The end of the school year means…it is time for summer!! My little one is only in preschool, but I am all for celebrating all her achievements and celebrating an upcoming season full of sun and fun! To help kick-off summer, I am surprising my daughter with a card, summer books basket and summer activities jar!

I am so excited to make these and surprise her! I am making her summertime surprises with my new Cricut Joy!

My New Bff: Cricut Joy!

It comes to no surprise that I am a huge fan of all Cricut products! I own several Cricut machines. 

So…do I really need a Cricut Joy?

Let’s state the obvious first. 

Yes, it is adorable! Yes, it is cute! But most importantly, its “adorable” size makes the Cricut Joy the perfect machine to fit on your desk without taking up a lot of space, while being capable to do it all.

I place all my other Cricut machines in a storage closet, and when I want to use them, it is always a hassle. With the Cricut Joy, it just simply sits on my desk without taking up much room. When I need to use it, it is conveniently there.

It’s fantastic! I am so surprised at all the things it can do. 

Let’s see how it helped me make my daughter’s summer fun surprise!
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1. Summer Card

I am all for cards! This time, I did not have to drive to the store to go buy one. I made one with my Cricut Joy! It was so easy to make.

What Did I Use?

Cricut Joy
Cricut Joy Insert Cards
Cricut Joy Pen 0.4 mm
Cricut Weeding Kit

When you purchase a Cricut, you can download Cricut Design Space on your desktop and/or phone and make your designs there then it sends it to your Cricut machine. It is amazing and very user friendly!

I love that you can use the Cricut Joy to make your cards using their cutting tool or writing tool. All you have to do is simply switch the blade to pen (vice-versa). 

2. Summer Books Tag

I wanted to make a bright and encouraging tag for my daughter’s Summer Books Basket to get her excited about reading all her summer books. 

I found this wooden star at the craft store and decided to paint it and then used my Cricut Joy to add the words. 

What Did I Use?

Cricut Joy
Cricut Weeding Kit
Cricut Joy Transfer Tape
Cricut Joy Permanent Smart Vinyl in Silver

3. Summer Activities Jar!

I thought it would be fun to list various summer activities in a jar and have my daughter choose 1 a day. 

The jar’s motto: “Choose 1 for Summer Fun!”

This was super fun to make, because I created waves to cover the bottom of the jar with the Cricut Joy Adhesive Deluxe Paper!

I also used this type of paper, but with a purple design to write out the words. 

What Did I Use?

Cricut Joy
Cricut Weeding Kit
Cricut Joy Adhesive Deluxe Paper

Have you used a Cricut machine? If you have not, the Cricut Joy is a great one for beginners!

It is very user friendly.

PS: It is also one I highly recommend getting, even if you have already used various Cricut machines. I love how small the Cricut Joy is, and it can do so much (just as much as the other Cricut machines, but on a smaller scale!

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