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Many people ask me, “Do you see a difference between Tenley as a baby and now Maverick as a baby?”

The answer is YES!

They are such different babies! Maverick was a fussier baby than Tenley ever was. From the beginning, he always seemed so uncomfortable which made him uneasy. We quickly learned that he had issues with gas, reflux, and sensitive skin.

We spent so much time trying to burp Maverick and hold him up…until it felt like our arms could fall off. It felt like we were spending more time worrying about him than enjoying this time with him as an infant. It was very discouraging, as we could not figure out what to do to help our little guy.

We heard many people say, “Some babies are just colicky, and there is nothing you can do about it. It is what it is.” 

How discouraging is that to hear?! 

I am here to tell you that is FALSE!

Thanks to Evivo there is something that you can do to help your little one.


What is Evivo?

Baby Probiotics _ Evivo _ Are Probiotics Necessary_ _ _4

Evivo is an infant probiotic that helps replace bad bacteria with good bacteria, creating a healthier gut. When babies have bad bacteria in their gut, they can experience issues of colic, gas, fussiness, diaper rash, sleep issues, and reflux.

Thanks to Evivo, I am proactive in relieving gut-health related problems for my kids through probiotics, and here are my main reasons why.

3 Reasons Why I’m Giving My Baby a Probiotic

1) The First 6 Months Are Critical!

Baby Probiotics _ Evivo _ Are Probiotics Necessary_ _ _4

Did you know that the first 6 months are critical for proper immune and metabolic development? When babies have too much bad bacteria in the gut within these beginning months of life it is linked to an increased rate of autoimmune and metabolic disorders such as asthma, eczema, allergies, diabetes and obesity down the road.

Evivo probiotics help restores the good bacteria, B. infantis, in the baby’s gut. Without B. infantis bad bacteria can thrive and continue to grow. Evivo provides the good bacteria that is necessary for a healthy gut.

Evivo is my go-to probiotics because it is the only probiotic on the market that contains the clinically proven bacteria strain B. infantis. It is also highly recommended by top pediatricians, lactation consultants, and other parents who have found relief from their littles ones using Evivo.

2) Optimizing Breastmilk and Formula’s Benefits!

Baby Probiotics _ Evivo _ Are Probiotics Necessary_ _ _4

From day 1 of a baby’s life, breastmilk and formula contains the nutrients that your baby needs for growth and development. However, a major portion of the nutrients in breastmilk and formula, Human Milk Oligosaccharides (HMOs), are indigestible by your baby without the help of B. infantis. Without B. infantis as much as 15% of the nutrients in your breastmilk or formula are wasted in your baby’s diaper.

Did you know that 9 out of 10 babies do not have protective B. infantis in their gut?

Due to modern medical practices such as antibiotic use and c-sections, the vast majority of babies in the US no longer have this bacteria in their gut microbiome.

Evivo probiotics helps add B. infantis into our baby’s gut. When B. infantis is present, it works to keep many other strains of harmful bacteria from growing, and optimizes the benefits that come from breastmilk and formula.

3) Lifetime Health Benefits!

Baby Probiotics _ Evivo _ Are Probiotics Necessary_ _ _4

While Evivo may help to provide immediate relief of symptoms, their probiotic also helps develop the foundation for a long term healthy gut for your baby. Evivo benefits your baby for a lifetime. 

As parents, our children’s happiness and health are our top priority. So it is important to create a foundation of good health and it all starts with Evivo probiotic. Evivo allows parents to be proactive in optimizing baby’s nutrition and relieving potential gut-health related problems in the future. 

Thanks to Evivo, Maverick now wakes up everyday with a big happy smile and a happy tummy!

Baby Probiotics _ Evivo _ Are Probiotics Necessary_ _ _4

It is simple.

Happy tummy = Happy baby = Happy family!

I highly encourage every infant to take Evivo probiotic because it can provide immediate symptomatic relief for your little one and provide them health benefits for a lifetime. 

Ask your pediatrician about Evivo, and don’t miss out on your chance to receive: 

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Baby Probiotics _ Evivo _ Are Probiotics Necessary_ _ pin
Baby Probiotics _ Evivo _ Are Probiotics Necessary_ _ pin

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  1. Such a well written article and your photos are beautiful! My kids are all older now, but I definitely see the value in giving probiotics – especially for babies with colic.