Every single time I go see my doctor,
They suggest a long list of vitamins
that my body is lacking.Which is helpful, until I walk into
the grocery store and walk in the
daunting aisle



filled with vitamins.

baze tiffanieanne.com review

I am just standing there
with vitamins from top to bottom
and on my right and to my left.

All of a sudden,
I feel overwhelmed and blank out.
Oh no, I forgot what my doctor suggested!

does this happen to anyone?!

I’ll admit it. I get pretty intimidated
when it comes to buying vitamins.

I tend to ask myself,
“Is this enough dosage?”
“Do I need this vitamin that provides both vitamin D and B12?!”
“Should I get it in pill form or supplement powder?”

…and so many other questions run through my head. 

There is good news. 

can get your vitamins
without feeling overwhelmed
in the vitamins aisle!



Welcome to my life, Baze!
Baze will deliver your vitamins specifically for you.
Like…literally, your vitamins will have your name on it because IT IS YOURS!

To be completely honest,
I was hesitant to try Baze because the first thing
they send you is a painless blood test.

I am the biggest “chicken” when
it comes to shots and needles.
Anyone else?!

Well, Baze changes the game of painless blood tests.
Hospitals and clinics should take note of their little gadget!

Baze painless blood test are really PAINLESS!  


I was so nervous beforehand that
I even googled to see what others said.

Baze has been featured in
national news and talk shows
and everyone was shocked that it
didn’t hurt and it’s so simple!

They instruct you to sit back and relax
and it typically takes about 10 minutes.

I then sent my blood test in
their prepaid box to their facilities!

Before sending my box,
I registered my Baze account
which is included, and it allows you
to track shipment and progress of your blood test.

In about 1.5 weeks, I received an update on
Baze’s website and then received my vitamins
in the next couple of days!

What nutrition was I lacking?

I recieved a total of 4 pills
per bag for each day.

2 pills of Omega-3
1 pill of Vitamin E
1 pill of Vitamin D3

Thank you, Baze, for saving me the
overwhelming experience in the vitamin aisle.

After a few months of taking your vitamins,
you can take your blood test again, to see if
there are any updates on nutrition you are lacking! How cool is that?!

Baze truly provides vitamins that are



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  1. This is so interesting! The fact that they are specifically yours is cool. It seems to make more sense too! Thank you for sharing.

  2. My husband is such a conspiracy theorist! I told him about this and he was like, they are going to take your blood and clone you one day! Lol. Besides that, I think it’s great they can find exactly what vitamins you need.