My first trimester was tough!
Can anyone relate?

It was especially surprising to me, because my first pregnancy I did not have these symptoms. (Now, I realize how lucky I was in my first pregnancy!)

This is my second pregnancy, and it has been quite challenging in many different ways. It got so bad that I got extremely nauseous when I drove, and couldn’t drive for weeks and was bedridden.

This has led me to test and try EVERYTHING that everyone recommended!!

I hope your first trimester is not as rough, but if it is or you feel a tad bit nauseous…here are some tips and must haves for you!


Mama, we got this!

Pregnancy is a beautiful blessing,
but sometimes…it is just not fun.

↠ Nausea Relief ↠

1. Ice, Ice, BABY!

Ice Cold Everything. 

This was SO surprising to me, because typically, I am a room temperature beverage type of gal. I usually drink my water at room temperature, but during my first trimester, I got nauseous drinking water!

I thought to myself, “How can you be nauseous by water?!?!”

This was a huge issue, because we are supposed to be extra hydrated when pregnant! 

Many moms recommended this to me, and it instantly helped. 
I drink all my beverages now ICE COLD.

2. Sea Bands

Acupressure Bands  

I honestly have never heard of Sea Bands before this pregnancy, but Sea Bands generally help those who are sea sick AND NOW those who have morning sickness.

🙋‍♀️yep, that is me. 

Sea Bands uses acupressure (pressure points) to relieve your nausea. The bands are worn on your wrists. I generally wore them in the morning, when my nausea was at its worst. 

You can feel free to wear them as long as you need to. 

NOTE: Sea Bands also sell Sea Bands for pregnancy, called Sea Band Mama. I purchased both their original and pregnancy bands. The main difference is that they add a ginger fragrance to further help your nausea. 

It might not sound like a big deal, but the ginger actually really helped me. It is similar to when you smell essential oils, as it gives off beneficial effects to your mood, etc.

Amazon Links: Sea Band Original + Sea Band Mama

3. Nausea Candy 

I have tried many different brands and flavor, and these are my favorite! I doubted this one, because it did not sound good, but it quickly became my favorite! 

Pink Stork has Ginger Raspberry (my favorite) and Mango Ginger.



I have made these rollers for many of my girlfriends during their pregnancy and it is a great option to help support your pregnancy naturally! 

These rollers are easy to use (directions on the labels) and easy to take everywhere you go! 

To purchase these:
↡ ↡ ↡

Check out my Etsy page!
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4. Pregnancy Teas

Pregnancy Tea | First Trimester Tips and Must Haves | Surviving 1st Trimester Symptoms |

I love that there are teas to help with pregnancy!
Out of all of them, there are two brands I recommend.

1. Sprigs Mama Bear Pregnancy Tea
This one taste delicious! And there is no trace of that ginger taste. (Trust me, I love ginger, but having every nausea remedy be ginger flavored sometimes becomes too much…I need a break sometimes!) This tea taste good and makes me feel good! It’s a good tea to just enjoy and know that it has essential herbs that help support a healthy pregnancy.

Sprigs Mama Bear Pregnancy Tea | First Trimester Tips and Must Haves | Surviving 1st Trimester Symptoms |

Sprigs Mama Bear Pregnancy Tea

2. Oat Mama 
I love that Oat Mama has teas for each trimester of pregnancy! I got all three already, because their first trimester helped me with my morning sickness. I would drink this immediately after waking up, and it helped kick start my day.

Oat Mama 1st Trimester
Morning Sickness Tea

5. Ginger Ale

I’m sorry, I know you have probably have heard of sooo many recommendations that involve with ginger. I wanted to add this because I felt it was really helpful and I didn’t mind ginger ale vs. every other ginger flavored thing.

BUT I had to have it ICE ICE Cold, just like my water!

↠ Helpful Foods ↠

Moments when you have strong food aversions, but need to eat!

6. Sour + Tangy

Sounds odd, but eating foods/fruits that are more on the sour and tangy side can help, such as, lemon and lime

And the colder…the better!
For example, popsicles or otter pops!

7. Jello

I was living off of jello for a long time. I still have them stocked in my fridge at 15 weeks. 

My favorite is the lemon lime flavor. 

If I am feeling fancy (aka. not nauseous)… I’ll add a dollop of whip cream!

8. Ensure or Boost Shakes

THIS helped me a lot. 

I had total mom guilt for both kids (for my toddler and baby in the womb). I felt bad that I was bedridden and was too nauseous to take my 2 year old toddler out to the park, but then I was also not able to eat anything for my baby in the womb.

I then talked to my OBGYN, and he said that Ensure or Boost Shakes can help fill me up, without digesting solid food. 

I got Ensure Plus to get more protein, and love all three flavors: Vanilla, Chocolate, and Strawberry!

Also…with this, the colder, the better! So stock them up in your fridge.
But you can drink these room temp, if you’d like.

Amazon Links: Ensure Plus and Boost Shakes

↠ Helpful Tips ↠

More Tips to Help Ease First Trimester Symptoms

9. Switching Prenatal Vitamins

Naturally, I purchased the same prenatal vitamins I took when I was pregnant with my first. Because, it was completely fine for me…but unfortunately, not this time around. 🙁

I was gagging every time I took them. For a while, I wrote it off as it just being my first trimester nausea causing me to gag, but after switching my prenatal vitamins…It was all better!

I switched to Pink Stork Prenatal Vitamins which also includes DHA. It has a slight vanilla after taste, which I personally like.

Amazon Link: Pink Stork Total Prenatal + DHA

10. Vitamin D

Because I was bedridden and couldn’t drive, I was inside the house a lot. This really took a toll on me.

When I went to see my OBGYN, he said that from my blood tests, I was lacking Vitamin D. He recommended I take short walks outside and take daily Vitamin D.

Immediately, I thought, “Another pill?!”

Luckily, I found one that taste like candy! I wish I could take more than one a day…it is that good.

Amazon Link: Vitamin D Gummies

Do you have any other recommendations?

What worked for you?


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First Trimester Tips and Must Haves | Survival Kit for the 1st Trimester Symptoms |
First Trimester Tips and Must Haves | Survival Kit for the 1st Trimester Symptoms |

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  1. I had hyperemesis gravidium with all 4 of my pregnancies and I tried everything under the sun. Sucking on sour candies surprisingly did help the nausea on the days I wasn’t actively vomiting. Good luck mama!

  2. Peppermint! I had HG with both my pregnancies (and ultimately needed to be medicated with the second one), but peppermint did help with the nausea a bit. I ate a LOT of peppermint candies.

  3. Great tips you’ve got here. I am sure pregnant women can really use this during their pregnancy! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Ugh…the nausea was the worst. I walked around with hard candy in my mouth constantly with my first to try to get that taste out of my mouth.

  5. I’m so sorry the first trimester was so rough for you. I was never really nauseous with my pregnancies which is how I always thought they were boys, but I know you’re having a boy too, so I guess that’s not always the case and each is different. Ginger ale is a huge favorite but I love the other suggestions you gave as well! Sierra Beautifully Candid

  6. Some great tips luckily I didn’t suffer with nausea too much but weirdly I found that olives and Greek yogurt helped me. Nice trick with the cold drinks.

  7. I am fortunate that so far I have not had any major nausea, but I have a case of ginger ale on standby for when those bouts of nausea hit.

  8. I never would have thought sour to help with morning sickness. I haven’t experienced a lot of it anyway and I’m almost through 1st trimester. Great tips, thanks!

  9. Well, i don’t access those helpful candies around. And i really suffer morning to night nausea. Thanks for the tips esp ice water. It seems less bothering. Also ginger tea helps at times. Thank you.

  10. In my first trimester nothing cold not even water i had to stick with room temperture water an hot tea like rasberry and lemon i buy salva at the drugstores and tht help me with nausea.