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10 First Trimester Tips + Must Haves
• 1st Trimester Survival Kit •

My first trimester was tough!
Can anyone relate?

It was especially surprising to me, because my first pregnancy I did not have these symptoms. (Now, I realize how lucky I was in my first pregnancy!)

This is my second pregnancy, and it has been quite challenging in many different ways. It got so bad that I got extremely nauseous when I drove, and couldn’t drive for weeks and was bedridden.

This has led me to test and try EVERYTHING that everyone recommended!!

I hope your first trimester is not as rough, but if it is or you feel a tad bit nauseous…here are some tips and must haves for you!


Mama, we got this!

Pregnancy is a beautiful blessing,
but sometimes…it is just not fun.

↠ Nausea Relief ↠

1. Ice, Ice, BABY!

Ice Cold Everything. 

This was SO surprising to me, because typically, I am a room temperature beverage type of gal. I usually drink my water at room temperature, but during my first trimester, I got nauseous drinking water!

I thought to myself, “How can you be nauseous by water?!?!”

This was a huge issue, because we are supposed to be extra hydrated when pregnant! 

Many moms recommended this to me, and it instantly helped. 
I drink all my beverages now ICE COLD.

2. Sea Bands

Acupressure Bands  

I honestly have never heard of Sea Bands before this pregnancy, but Sea Bands generally help those who are sea sick AND NOW those who have morning sickness.

🙋‍♀️yep, that is me. 

Sea Bands uses acupressure (pressure points) to relieve your nausea. The bands are worn on your wrists. I generally wore them in the morning, when my nausea was at its worst. 

You can feel free to wear them as long as you need to. 

NOTE: Sea Bands also sell Sea Bands for pregnancy, called Sea Band Mama. I purchased both their original and pregnancy bands. The main difference is that they add a ginger fragrance to further help your nausea. 

It might not sound like a big deal, but the ginger actually really helped me. It is similar to when you smell essential oils, as it gives off beneficial effects to your mood, etc.

Amazon Links: Sea Band Original + Sea Band Mama

3. Nausea Candy 

I have tried many different brands and flavor, and these are my favorite! I doubted this one, because it did not sound good, but it quickly became my favorite! 

Pink Stork has Ginger Raspberry (my favorite) and Mango Ginger.



I have made these rollers for many of my girlfriends during their pregnancy and it is a great option to help support your pregnancy naturally! 

These rollers are easy to use (directions on the labels) and easy to take everywhere you go! 

To purchase these:
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Check out my Etsy page!
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4. Pregnancy Teas

Pregnancy Tea | First Trimester Tips and Must Haves | Surviving 1st Trimester Symptoms |

I love that there are teas to help with pregnancy!
Out of all of them, there are two brands I recommend.

1. Sprigs Mama Bear Pregnancy Tea
This one taste delicious! And there is no trace of that ginger taste. (Trust me, I love ginger, but having every nausea remedy be ginger flavored sometimes becomes too much…I need a break sometimes!) This tea taste good and makes me feel good! It’s a good tea to just enjoy and know that it has essential herbs that help support a healthy pregnancy.

Sprigs Mama Bear Pregnancy Tea | First Trimester Tips and Must Haves | Surviving 1st Trimester Symptoms |

Sprigs Mama Bear Pregnancy Tea

2. Oat Mama 
I love that Oat Mama has teas for each trimester of pregnancy! I got all three already, because their first trimester helped me with my morning sickness. I would drink this immediately after waking up, and it helped kick start my day.

Oat Mama 1st Trimester
Morning Sickness Tea

5. Ginger Ale

I’m sorry, I know you have probably have heard of sooo many recommendations that involve with ginger. I wanted to add this because I felt it was really helpful and I didn’t mind ginger ale vs. every other ginger flavored thing.

BUT I had to have it ICE ICE Cold, just like my water!

↠ Helpful Foods ↠

Moments when you have strong food aversions, but need to eat!

6. Sour + Tangy

Sounds odd, but eating foods/fruits that are more on the sour and tangy side can help, such as, lemon and lime

And the colder…the better!
For example, popsicles or otter pops!

7. Jello

I was living off of jello for a long time. I still have them stocked in my fridge at 15 weeks. 

My favorite is the lemon lime flavor. 

If I am feeling fancy (aka. not nauseous)… I’ll add a dollop of whip cream!

8. Ensure or Boost Shakes

THIS helped me a lot. 

I had total mom guilt for both kids (for my toddler and baby in the womb). I felt bad that I was bedridden and was too nauseous to take my 2 year old toddler out to the park, but then I was also not able to eat anything for my baby in the womb.

I then talked to my OBGYN, and he said that Ensure or Boost Shakes can help fill me up, without digesting solid food. 

I got Ensure Plus to get more protein, and love all three flavors: Vanilla, Chocolate, and Strawberry!

Also…with this, the colder, the better! So stock them up in your fridge.
But you can drink these room temp, if you’d like.

Amazon Links: Ensure Plus and Boost Shakes

↠ Helpful Tips ↠

More Tips to Help Ease First Trimester Symptoms

9. Switching Prenatal Vitamins

Naturally, I purchased the same prenatal vitamins I took when I was pregnant with my first. Because, it was completely fine for me…but unfortunately, not this time around. 🙁

I was gagging every time I took them. For a while, I wrote it off as it just being my first trimester nausea causing me to gag, but after switching my prenatal vitamins…It was all better!

I switched to Pink Stork Prenatal Vitamins which also includes DHA. It has a slight vanilla after taste, which I personally like.

Amazon Link: Pink Stork Total Prenatal + DHA

10. Vitamin D

Because I was bedridden and couldn’t drive, I was inside the house a lot. This really took a toll on me.

When I went to see my OBGYN, he said that from my blood tests, I was lacking Vitamin D. He recommended I take short walks outside and take daily Vitamin D.

Immediately, I thought, “Another pill?!”

Luckily, I found one that taste like candy! I wish I could take more than one a day…it is that good.

Amazon Link: Vitamin D Gummies

Do you have any other recommendations?

What worked for you?


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First Trimester Tips and Must Haves | Survival Kit for the 1st Trimester Symptoms |
First Trimester Tips and Must Haves | Survival Kit for the 1st Trimester Symptoms |


Friday 8th of January 2021

In my first trimester nothing cold not even water i had to stick with room temperture water an hot tea like rasberry and lemon i buy salva at the drugstores and tht help me with nausea.


Tuesday 3rd of November 2020

Well, i don’t access those helpful candies around. And i really suffer morning to night nausea. Thanks for the tips esp ice water. It seems less bothering. Also ginger tea helps at times. Thank you.


Sunday 3rd of May 2020

I never would have thought sour to help with morning sickness. I haven't experienced a lot of it anyway and I'm almost through 1st trimester. Great tips, thanks!


Monday 27th of April 2020

I am fortunate that so far I have not had any major nausea, but I have a case of ginger ale on standby for when those bouts of nausea hit.


Wednesday 12th of June 2019

Some great tips luckily I didn’t suffer with nausea too much but weirdly I found that olives and Greek yogurt helped me. Nice trick with the cold drinks.

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