with Open Listings!


✔ We house hunted online.

✔ We researched school districts.

✔ We scheduled house tours.

✔ We called, texted, and emailed our
Open Listings realtor and home buying experts
for advice (like everyday, we are now literally BFFs!)




check mark of all…

✔  ✔  ✔

We made an offer!

✔  ✔  ✔


 We did ALL of this through
Open Listings!



See which house was the winner!!

↡       ↡       ↡       ↡       ↡


If you have been following our journey of purchasing our first home, you know that we have been DENIED multiple times in this process in many ways.


It is also VERY RARE in this area in Southern California for buyers to make an offer that is lower than the asking price. Typically, 90% of houses here go on bidding wars, and the seller walks away with more than the asking price.




Did we decide to take a risk and make an offer BELOW asking price?!



This is when we turned to our BFFs
aka: Open Listings!

They provided the following information that helped our decision to place an offer below asking price, (which was seen as risky to many people.)

➾ The house had two offers that fell through.
1) Promised all cash and
2) Just never called back or responded.

➾ During the house tour, we saw many, but minor cracks
(most likely from earthquakes), behind the furniture,
so we wanted to negotiate on that.
Remember: furniture and rugs can be deceptive! Keep an eye out.

➾ This house on the market for about 3-4 weeks,
which is very long in the area. Most houses here sell within
2 weeks
 or less with our budget.

➾ OL provided us comps in the area for us to compare.
This house wasn’t as updated as the other ones that sold.


So now that we put our offer on the table,
we wanted to help

seal the deal by writing an offer letter!


Some may say it is old school, but I personally recommend it.
It makes this process for BOTH the seller and buyer
more personable and less like a transaction.

Remember, you are purchasing a home from an owner
that may has built memories here and want the comfort of
knowing that they are handing it off to someone who
will possibly carry on this tradition.


It’s all about the warm and fuzzy feeling, right?!
You know…that feeling that warms your heart!
♡   ♡   ♡


Since we were new to this whole process,
we relied on the help from Open Listing’s post:
Homebuyer how-to: writing an offer
letter that will get you the house



Our Offer Letter to the Seller:

Offer Letter Example - TiffanieAnne.com

Did YOU write an offer letter when you made an offer?

Would you recommend it?



Now…on to the
s t a y t u n e d !

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  1. Wow! Congrats on a big milestone. I’m in a SoCal city where ownership is hard without strong discipline or help.

  2. I haven’t thought of writing a offer letter but it makes sense and can make the process more personable!

  3. we didn’t write an offer letter – but we were the first of 6 to place a bid, and it was below value when appraised-but it was also exactly what they wanted. our entire process including escrow took 29 days – hope you guys get in there soon!