Offer accepted.

Now on to the escrow stage!


If you asked me a few months ago
to define what “in escrow” means,
I would have said that it’s a 30 day waiting period
for the buyer to wait for the seller to move out.

Today, I have learned that is only part of it.
There is SO much more when you are in escrow!


When you are “in escrow,”
you will hear these words repeatedly:



Inspector fees

HOA Cert







We almost felt like we were learning a whole new language for a totally foreign country.
That is…
the country of
first time home buyers ?!


Luckily, we had

Open Listings

to help us with every single step of the way.
They were our dictionary and translator in this foreign process.
Open Listings was always quick to respond. So quick that I have a feeling that all OL employees wear capes, because they are a SUPER team!

Such a super team, that I would now ask,
Google, who?

There is no need to Google, because you will just get more confused. (At least, I did!)


Not only, was Open Listings so resourceful,
but they put a lot of ease to my this “Type-A” mind by providing me a
proposed closing schedule:

Open Listings to the Rescue for home buying!


Open Listings truly did walk us through this process from beginning to end,
and we couldn’t be more grateful!


We now are able to move into our first family home!


This was something we thought we would say in 5+ years,
Thank you, Open Listings for making this all possible
and as smooth sailing as home buying can be!


If you are looking for a new home in California, Texas, or Washington


& buy with Open Listings!


Our closing cost was practically paid for with their 50% commission refund program!


Now it’s time to pack up the boxes!
We move A WEEK before we get married in Hawaii.
We are just a little crazy right?

Okay, don’t answer that.
Just send us packing helpers!
Oh, and I’ll take many hugs during this month.


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