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– Eco-friendly swaps
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Upcycle DIYs and crafts
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Nature based activities
and so much more!

-Sustainable Tips, Hacks, + Items-

Must have eco-friendly and sustainable items for you and your family! (Items that make life easier while also protecting the planet.)

-Activities, Printables, + More!-

STOP! Before buying a new toy for the kids, let’s recreate and renew what you already have for more playtime!

-From Trash to Treasure-

Let’s upcycle something you already have or get it second hand and turn it from trash to treasure.

-Enjoy Mother Nature-

Hikes! Beaches! Mountains! & even, Cities!
Let’s explore it all and give thanks to our environment.


Hi there! As a mom, my family inspires me to make the world a better place. The best way I know how is to simplify sustainable living for everyone. I do this by sharing eco-friendly swaps, upcycled crafts and DIYs with scrap wood, scrap vinyl, scrap furniture from Facebook Marketplace, and other various scraps!

Sustainable living can be simple. Let me show you my favorite sustainable tips and hacks that help you, your family, and the environment.

Simplified Sustainable Tips for You!

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Easy eco friendly and sustainable tips for you, your health, and planet. 

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