Items In Your House You Can Upcycle In Creative Ways

While you may not realize it, there are many items in your house that you can upcycle in creative ways. Learn how to turn plastic bottles, leftover candle jars, and laundry baskets into useful tools for your home!

1. Plastic Bottles -> Herb Planters

Plastic bottles can be a real burden on the environment because they take hundreds of years to biodegrade. Instead of putting plastic bottles in the trash where they’ll end up in a landfill, put them to use in your home as herb planters!

Two-liter plastic bottles work best for this. All you have to do is cut the bottle in half, flip the snout upside down in the other half, and fill it with soil, water, and an herb plant. Then presto—you’ve got a DIY planter for your herb garden. Grow some sage, parsley, oregano, mint, or any other herb you’d like to add to your kitchen.

2. Candle Jars -> Jar Organizers

If you’re like many of us who go through candles monthly, you’ve probably got a lot of leftover candle jars. Instead of throwing the candle jars away, repurpose them as clear, sturdy jar organizers for your miscellaneous items!

All you have to do is clean out the old wax, and you’ve got a clear jar with a lid for practically anything you want. Store rubber bands, loose change, buttons, paper clips, or candy—whatever you want!

3. Laundry Baskets -> Outdoor Toy Storage

If you have kids who love to play outside and don’t mind getting dirty, you probably struggle to keep that dirt outside and not in your home. One practical way to store your kid’s outdoor toys is with an old laundry basket.

Use it as outdoor storage for outdoor shoes and boots, sports balls and equipment, sandbox tools, and anything else your kids like to use outside. Laundry baskets are great for this because they’re durable, easy to clean, and won’t hold lingering smells!

4. Wine Bottles -> Flower Vases

If you consider yourself a wine connoisseur, you probably throw away many wine glass bottles. Instead of recycling them in the trash, these glass bottles are another item in your house you can upcycle in a creative way as vases!

This little trick takes no DIY skills, as all you must do is remove the label and clean out the glass, and you have a sturdy glass vase for your flowers. Also, these glass bottles make for great centerpieces for outdoor tables and patios!

Hi there! It’s me. The one who will gladly take your unwanted items and leftover scraps and upcycle them into something new!

Waste Less. Create More.

This is my eco-friendly take of reuse and repurpose. Here, you will see many Upcycled DIYs and crafts with scrap wood, scrap vinyl, and even, second-hand furniture from Facebook Marketplace!

Everyone can live sustainably and practice being more eco-friendly in various ways. Let me show you how through my Upcycled DIYs, sustainable tips and eco-friendly swaps (eco swaps).

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