2022 Winter Styles: Thrift Superstore Edition

2022 Winter Styles: Thrift Superstore Edition

Winter is the perfect time to try out new styles and trends, and this season has a lot of exciting styles in store. One of the best places to shop for the latest trendy clothes is the thrift store. Here is a brief guide on 2022 winter styles: thrift superstore edition. 

Attractive Athleisure 

The first trendy winter style of 2022 to shop for at a thrift superstore is attractive athleisure. Athleisure is slightly dressed up casual sportswear and exercise attire. People everywhere love this trend because it’s comfortable, casual, and cute. You can go from the gym to lunch to the store, all in the same clothes. You can easily find some great athleisure looks at a thrift superstore to create the perfect outfits all winter long. 

Retro Chic 

Retro chic is another great winter fashion trend this year. Everyone is experimenting with retro styles from the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s and adding a modern flare. Some of the retro styles to find in thrift stores include high-waisted mom jeans, 90s tracksuits, bright 80s geometric patterns, and little mod dresses. Thrift superstores are the perfect places to find clothes from another era. There are so many styles and options available to recreate this trendy, retro-chic style. There’s nothing like adding a little nostalgia from the past to a contemporary trend.

Modern Minimalism 

The third winter trend to look for in thrift superstores this year is modern minimalism. This trend emphasizes that less is more. You’ll see a lot of monochromatic neutral colors, earth tones, simple silhouettes, and futuristic fits. A lot of celebrities are helping to make this the popular trend that it is. You can see all kinds of people strutting down the street in their effortlessly modern and minimalistic outfits. Depending on your mood and the occasion, you can dress the modern minimalist look up or down. You can find so many unique modern and minimal outfits at any thrift superstore for an affordable price. 

Now that you’ve read the 2022 thrift superstore winter style guide, you can try out these fresh new trends today! Be sure to check out thrift stores to find some inspiration for these fun looks. 


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