A Greener Planet: How To Live a Sustainable Lifestyle Today with 3 Easy Tips!

Living a sustainable lifestyle is becoming more critical as the effects of climate change become more severe. As parents, it is our responsibility to show our children that living sustainably can be fun and rewarding. Starting your journey toward sustainable living does not have to be complicated. By reducing your waste, buying the right clothes, and shopping for local food, you will be off to a fantastic start. Below, we’ve detailed several ways you can start living sustainably.

Sustainable Tip #1: Reduce Waste


Minimizing how much you throw away is one of the simplest changes your family can make to become more sustainable. Before deciding whether an item should go into the garbage, evaluate whether you can repurpose it. If you can’t reuse it, can you at least recycle it? (Got thin plastics? See how to properly recycle them in my last post!) Determining this puts less trash into our landfills, which is better for the planet.

For example, you can turn old sheets or towels into rags for cleaning, which is excellent because fabric takes years to break down in a landfill. Likewise, glass jars could go in the recycling bin, but you can reuse them in your kitchen to store candy and spices or turn them into drinking glasses.

Sustainable Tip #2: Buy the Right Clothes 


When it comes time to buy new clothes for yourself or the kids, shop strategically. You could purchase outfits second-hand at a thrift store. If you buy new clothes, stick to environmentally friendly brands. One of the best ways to tell if a brand is eco-friendly is by reviewing what materials make up the apparel. Sustainable brands use natural, organic materials such as linen, cotton, or wool.

Sustainable Tip #3: Shop for Local Food

5 Unique Ways To Reduce Unnecessary Waste

Looking for a way to bond and help the planet? Take your family to a local farmers market! Shopping locally is a great way to support small businesses, and buying locally-grown produce reduces the carbon footprint of transporting goods from far-off places.

At the farmers’ market, you can ask questions about the farming practices used to grow the produce you are interested in and even learn about new varieties of fruits and vegetables. Plus, the food is often fresher and tastier than grocery store produce that may have traveled long distances.

Below are my eco-friendly must haves when I go grocery shopping!

My favorite eco-swaps for grocery shopping!

Why Living Sustainably Matters


Knowing how to start living sustainably is important. Adopting a sustainable lifestyle preserves resources, reduces our carbon footprint, and helps us become more mindful of the environment around us. Being sustainable also sets a positive example for your children to take with them as they grow older. We all share this planet, and taking the right steps can make it a greener place for everyone.

For more great ways to reduce waste and live more sustainably, check out my post: 5 Unique Ways To Reduce Unnecessary Waste.


Hi there! It’s me. The one who will gladly take your unwanted items and leftover scraps and upcycle them into something new!

Waste Less. Create More.

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Everyone can live sustainably and practice being more eco-friendly in various ways. Let me show you how through my Upcycled DIYs, sustainable tips and eco-friendly swaps (eco swaps).

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