Best Sustainable Glass Storage Containers: Rubbermaid Brilliance Glass!


Best-Sustainable-Glass-Storage-Containers- Rubbermaid-Brilliance-Glass-Tiffanie Anne

Prep, cook and reheat..

…and repeat. 
…and repeat, daily!
(sometimes, repeat three times daily!!)

Does this sound familiar?
I bet it does! 


With three meals daily, there is a lot of prepping, cooking and reheating happening in the kitchen. 

Cooking is fun, but I have to be completely honest…the thing I dread the most is doing the dishes after.

Cooking is fun, but the dishes

…not so much! 

We needed a solution. 

It turns out our family needed Rubbermaid’s Brilliance Glass food storage containers!

PS: You can get these at Target!

Best-Sustainable-Glass-Storage-Containers- Rubbermaid-Brilliance-Glass-Tiffanie Anne
Best-Sustainable-Glass-Storage-Containers- Rubbermaid-Brilliance-Glass-Tiffanie Anne

Our new Brilliance Glass food storage containers have given us the gift of no longer dreading the mountain full of dishes that have to be done after our meals. But, most importantly, Rubbermaid’s Brilliance Glass is made out of sustainable glass, which allows it to be so versatile and have multiple uses!

The Advantage of Glass Containers

Best-Sustainable-Glass-Storage-Containers- Rubbermaid-Brilliance-Glass-Tiffanie Anne

Our family has switched over to all glass containers, because glass is safer for us and the environment. 

Did you know?

Plastic containers may contain hormone-disrupting chemicals, like BPA or phthalates, that could transfer into your food. Good news is that any Rubbermaid plastic food storage is BPA-free.

Be sure to check those labels!! 

It is also not always safe to reheat your food in plastic containers, unlike glass containers.

Did you also know?

Plastic is not always recyclable, but glass containers always are!

PS: stay tuned later this month on the blog and Instagram to learn how to recycle your plastic food storage with Rubbermaid! It’s something really neat!

Rubbermaid’s Brilliance Glass containers are made out of quality oven-safe and freezer-safe glass allowing you to prep, cook, store, reheat safely (in the microwave and oven up to 450 degrees) and even serve your dish in them!

YES! It’s true!!

We have made so many of our meals by using just our Brilliance Glass storage containers. 

No need for an extra mixing bowl.

No need for an extra oven-safe dish.

No need for an extra food storage container.

Because Rubbermaid’s Brilliance Glass containers cover ALL of that!

Best-Sustainable-Glass-Storage-Containers- Rubbermaid-Brilliance-Glass-Tiffanie Anne

Prep your dish in Brilliance Glass.

Best-Sustainable-Glass-Storage-Containers- Rubbermaid-Brilliance-Glass-Tiffanie Anne

Cook your dish in the oven-safe and microwave safe Brilliance Glass. 

Best-Sustainable-Glass-Storage-Containers- Rubbermaid-Brilliance-Glass-Tiffanie Anne

Enjoy your dish and then use it to store your leftovers in Brilliance Glass.

Additionally, Rubbermaid’s Brilliance Glass storage containers include lids that have leak-proof seals and have secure latches!


Trust me, as a parent, this is a lifesaver! 

To Live More Minimal and Sustainable

In recent years, our family has become more conscious of being more minimal with the things we buy and own, and also, be more sustainable for our environment.

Why is being minimal and sustainable important for our family?


Why A Minimalist Lifestyle?

 Our family wants to only keep things that we need and use. 

We noticed, especially, after having kids that we were mindlessly buying things that we did not need and simply did not use. This became a big problem, as we were running out of room and storage, and would find things sitting around untouched. 

This created a lot of clutter and stress to keep things tidy. We wanted to eliminate that in our household by removing the things we no longer needed.


Why A Sustainable Lifestyle?

Our family’s goal is to live more sustainably. We aim to live a low waste lifestyle. This honestly has opened our eyes to see that there can be various benefits and uses in a single item. 

Just like, our Rubbermaid’s Brilliance Glass! 

We love items that can be used in various ways and have many different functions. This helps the stress and clutter in our home and also helps decrease waste in our environment. 


What about you?!

Have you ever thought about living a more minimal and/or sustainable lifestyle?

I would love to hear your thoughts!


PS: Striving to live minimally and/or sustainably does not happen overnight. It is all about taking progress over perfection! 

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