How to Organize Your Fridge to Lessen Food Waste
with Rubbermaid!


Fridges can eaily get messy inside, but they don’t have to!

Who likes or wishes their fridge could be a little more organized?

I know I do! With Rubbermaid Brilliance Glass food storage containers, I am able to easily store and organize my fridge with ready-to-eat food (which is so helpful and saves time!!)

That is a win-win for this mama!

You can conveniently purchase Rubbermaid’s Brilliance Glass at Target!

Let’s see how I organize my fridge with Brilliance Glass!


First, The Grocery Shopping List!

So, you have made your list for the week and checked everything off your grocery list. 

That is an accomplishment in itself!

Time to go home and store everything in the pantry or fridge. 

Second, Time to Put Away the Groceries!

Anyone else dread putting away groceries? Or is it just me? 

Do you look at your groceries like this after spending a long time at the grocery store? 

Hear me out, making a list for food that your whole family will like and then thinking of recipes to make…then going to the grocery store. It’s a lot!

Tell me I’m not the only one!

Three, Groceries in the Fridge…”I’m done, right?!”

Woo! The groceries are in the fridge!!

Go in the living room and kick your feet up, because groceries are done and put away for the week!

…Then you hear your kids and husband constantly asking:

“There is nothing to eat in the fridge!”

“Where is the snack I like?”

“I don’t see it in the fridge! Where, mama?”

Back to the fridge, I go! Can anyone else relate?

Four, Let’s Organize the Fridge!

Ah, much better! So, this may seem like a hard task, but honestly, this saves our family so much time. 

What do I do?

I take out my Rubbermaid Brilliance Glass to help me organize and store my food. 

Basically, I like to prep my food because I have learned it makes our family’s life easier! My family can have ready-to-eat food and find their food and snacks in the fridge. 

When the fridge is more organized, it is definitely easier to find food. And you know what? I love how it looks when it’s organized! It also helps me remember what I purchased from the grocery store and is less wasteful, because we end up eating all of it!

When food is buried in the fridge, we tend to forget it is there and end up wasting it and throwing it away because it gets expired or rotten.

Organizing does not just look nice, but it is so helpful and prevents less waste.

See what I stored in my Brilliance Glass in this IG reel!

Now, can I sit back down and kick my feet up on the couch? 

Yes! Yes I can now.

The Benefits of Rubbermaid Brilliance Glass

We LOVE using our Rubbermaid Brilliance Glass food storage containers from Target! 

We use them all the time. We have been switching over to more glass containers. 

I love that you can put these Brilliance Glass containers:

 -In the oven up to 450°F! (make sure to place the container without the lid)
-In the microwave! (with the lid but pop up the vented latches) 
-It is all dishwasher safe!

Their lids is very secure, as they are 100% leak-proof. Making it easy to pack our meals and snacks.

Rubbermaid Brilliance Glass containers make our lives so much easier with so many functions and durability. 

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