Eco-friendly Tip: How To Package Gifts Without Wrapping Paper

How You Can Package Gifts Without Wrapping Paper

When you receive a present from someone, it’s more than likely wrapped with festive paper. But how can you package gifts without wrapping paper? There are many alternatives to try that will give your gift a unique appearance anyone would enjoy opening on a holiday, their birthday, or any other day! Try one of the ideas below when you run out of wrapping paper or want to try something different.

Use Old Newspaper

Do you still like the idea of wrapping a gift with paper? Consider taking the old newspaper off your coffee table and using that to wrap a present! A fun idea that coincides with this is to decorate the paper with stickers, markers, and anything else you can find. Personalize the gift further by highlighting words on the newspaper that show what the recipient of the gift means to you—think of highlighting words such as love, friendship, and family to give the gift more character.

Consider a Gift Bag

Nothing is more exciting than tearing open paper, but a gift bag is perfectly fine to use when you don’t have enough! This will also disguise your present, so the individual receiving the gift won’t have a clue what is inside. Don’t forget to add tissue paper to ensure the item inside doesn’t move around too much.

Wrap With Paper Grocery Bags

Do you remember when we wrapped our textbooks in old paper grocery bags in school? Take the same idea and wrap a gift with it. Avoid the gift wrapping mistake of leaving the paper plain—use stamps, yarn, paint, or ribbons to embellish the present more for a custom gift tailored to your loved one.

Place the Gift in a Cookie Tin

If you have a used cookie tin lying around from past holidays, don’t throw it away; give it to someone else. Use the resources around you when you’re in a pinch and don’t know how to package gifts without wrapping paper. Cookie tins can be elegant and printed with fun designs that resemble the perfect gift packaging.

Try Reusable Cloth

Consider using a sustainable alternative with reusable cloth or fabric. There will be no need for tape with this one either—simply wrap the fabric around the gift and tie it together! You can have fun with the design on the material, and your recipient can reuse the cloth for a different project or gift.

As you can see, you don’t need to use gift wrap year after year. Sometimes it’s fun to use an alternative, and they work great when you’re in a rush and don’t have many supplies. Next time you’re wrapping presents for loved ones, try something different for a more memorable, personalized gift!

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