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•Tips on How to Avoid Greenwashing by Popular Makeup Brands•

Greenwashing Drugstore Clean Beauty Eco Friendly Home | Target |

I will first and openly admit that I have been greenwashed for MANY YEARS.

We are talking about being greenwashed for at least for 5 years…and I had no clue. 

I had no clue until now.

But first, let’s understand this somewhat “new” term called, greenwashing. It is a term many companies do not want you to understand, and you’ll see why…

What is Greenwashing?

Greenwashing is a marketing technique that companies use to trick people who genuinely want safer, cleaner, and/or ecofriendly products into thinking their products are safe and green, but in reality, it is not!


You are going to trick people who actually want to change their lifestyle for the better for themselves, for their family, and the environment?

When brands greenwash they are misinforming consumers by using marketing techniques to persuade you into believing their products are safe for you to use and are eco-friendly, but in reality, their products are not.

You can spot greenwashing products, because you’ll notice brands will use a lot of “fluff” words to make them sound green and safe, like “all natural.” 

hey are instead wanting to increase their sales, without the consumer’s health in mind. 

Popular Companies that Greenwash

I am going to date this post as July 5, 2020, because the big companies that I will mention below are currently greenwashing their consumers into thinking their products are safe and toxic-free…but in reality, they are not.  

I have hope that companies can change. 

I hope more and more companies are encouraged to change their marketing techniques and ingredients in their products to truly be safe, non-toxic, and green for us and the environment. 

I will state that the companies that I mention below do have “safer” ingredients compared to most generic brands, but it is still not completely safe and non-toxic.

So as of now, these are some of the popular beauty brands that I constantly see using greenwash techniques. (AND YES, it drives me bananas!!!)

↡ ↡ ↡

Herbal Essence
Simple Skincare
Raw Sugar Living
…and sadly,
so many other brands.

REMEMBER: I am here to help you, not make you feel bad. 

Learning is the first step.

Greenwashing Drugstore Clean Beauty Eco Friendly Home | Target |

Before we move on, I want to point out that it is your choice to use whatever products you like for yourself (and family). I debated back and forth on whether I should write this post, because I do not want to make you feel bad for not using non-toxic beauty products or clean beauty products.

It is entirely up to you! I will still love you either way 🙂

I respect you, and just want you to know all the facts that I have found. It is ultimately up to you, as you see fit.

Also, I am not telling you to throw away all of your beauty products that you are realizing may not have the best ingredients for you, because I know it is hard! You have spent so much money on these products, and its not easy to just throw them away. 

You can always start slowly. 

My family and I have started ditching some toxic beauty products and switching them to non-toxic and safe products. One-by-one. We are still in this process, and it has been almost a year! So take your time, if need be.

Take it at your own pace.
Know your facts.
Read your labels.
Ask questions. 

Choose what you feel is best for you!

Why Should I Care About Big Companies Greenwashing Me?

1) Greenwashing is dishonest, and I do not like supporting or putting my money into companies that are dishonest to their consumers for the sake of selling their products.
2) Most importantly, the toxic chemicals in these products are absorbed through your body and into your bloodstream. 

Think of when you are putting on your make-up on or putting on lotion or just even shampooing your hair. 

These chemicals are absorbed through your pores, and you are also sniffing these products during application.

These toxic chemicals are entering your body in multiple ways, which causes more harm.

But what do these toxic chemicals actually do you to you? 

Studies have shown that these chemicals are so widely used in beauty products, because they work as a preservative and to keep their products lasting longer. 

There is nothing natural about that. 

Yes, I will admit that it sounds great that your make-up is still on and intact after a whole day of being out and about, but the BIG NEGATIVE about this is that numerous studies have shown that…

these toxic chemicals in beauty and home products are hormonal disrupters, and can damage your respiratory system, immune system, infertility, breast cancer, and more.

How Do I Research if a Product is Actually Safe + Green?

Greenwashing Drugstore Clean Beauty Eco Friendly Home | Target |

If you are at the store shopping, and just want to find out if a product is as safe as they say they are, I highly recommend downloading these two apps: 

EWG and Think Dirty

You simply scan the barcode of the product(s) on the apps and they will tell you what ingredients are safe and not safe OR you can simply type in the product in the apps!

Target Ad Example of Greenwashing

Ah, Target, I love you…and I still love you, because you bring this tired and frantic mama peace, especially when I am shopping at your store…but your recent ad on July 2020 really rubbed me the wrong way. 

I will still shop at Target, BUT as of now, I will not trust their word on what is truly clean beauty. 

Instead, I will continue to do my own research before I give my money away to a greenwashing company. 

Here is the ad that rubbed me the wrong way:

Target Greenwash AD Clean Beauty Toxic Free Drugstore Products |

Do you see where it says, “Your CLEAR CHOICE for clean products”

Well, Target, unfortunately the majority of the products you have listed are not truly clean. 

Yes, they are cleaner than your other products…but I still found this very deceiving. 

Target highlighted 28 brands as “clean” in their July 2020 ad. 

I am going to list the ones that are actually safe to fairly safe and toxic-free for you! 

Want to guess out of the 28 brands featured,


 ↡ ↡ ↡

Clean List from Target’s AD:

Clean List from Target's AD:

1. Acure

(Majority of their products sold at Target are safe. There were a few of their shampoos that contain some toxic ingredients, I suggest you looking it up on EWG or Think Dirty first)

2. Native

Their deodorants are  Their bath products are found in the middle on the non-toxic to toxic scale)

3. W3LL People

I honestly have not heard of this brand, but so happy I did from the Target ad. Purchasing their eyebrow gel, and maybe others! If you want to see my honest opinion in a few days/weeks follow me on Instagram @tiffanie.anne

4. Shea Moisture

Majority of their products sold at Target are safe. There were a few of their shampoos that contain some toxic ingredients, I suggest you looking it up on EWG or Think Dirty first, before purchasing.

5. David’s Natural Toothpaste
6. Tom’s of Maine
7. Thayers

(Majority of their products sold at Target are safe. There were a few of their toners that contain some toxic ingredients, I suggest you looking it up on EWG or Think Dirty first)

8. Burt’s Bees

(Majority of their products sold at Target are safe. The few products that were questionable were the Burt’s Bees baby products which was in the middle of the toxic-free scale.)


Clean Beauty at Target
(not mentioned in the AD)

9. Honest Beauty
10. Pacifica

I’m not sure why Target did not include Honest Beauty and Pacifica in their “Clean Products” ad but I highly recommend their products as a great stepping stone into clean beauty at an easily accessible option, as its found in many local drugstores!

It seems like Honest Beauty is part of the sale (15% off in your Target Circle), but Pacifica is not…not sure why, as they both are pretty much the same in the level of safe and clean beauty. 


Maybe Clean?…

Ella+Mila | Tenoverten | Defy & Inspire

These nail polish brands were pretty much in the middle of the safe scale. However,  I couldn’t find much information on Defy & Inspire, but their ingredients are very similar to Ella + Mila and Tenoverten)


No Information Found

Hello Oral Care


Keep in Mind

—  All research I conducted was through EWG and Think Dirty apps/websites. You can definitely look more in depth on these products.

— Target did state in this Clean Products AD that they are presenting “Beauty products formulated without propyl-parabens, butyl-parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde and other ingredients you may not want.” Which is good, but I’m a crazy person and want more truly clean beauty for myself and my family. 

I don’t want to feel misguided or misinformed by one of my favorite stores!

Greenwashing Drugstore Clean Beauty Eco Friendly Home | Target |

Ughhhh this is another whole topic on its own, but I am going to try to make this brief. 

The shadiest ingredient of all that I constantly see in many products (for the home, beauty, etc) is.. .FRAGRANCE!

Why is fragrance so shady?

When brands use the term “fragrance” in their ingredients list, they are not required to inform the FDA what really makes up their fragrance.

AKA. Companies can just fill up their fragrance with the most unnatural and synthetic fillers rather than pure “lavender” or “lemon” or whatever their fragrance is marked on their box.

Research has shown that the majority of brands who list “fragrance” in their ingredients list turned out to be highly toxic, because they add synthetic fillers and contain phthalates, which are chemicals that help the scents last longer.

RIP Bath & Body candles in my home. I miss you, but we don’t need you in our life anymore. 

Health risks from these so called “fragrances” include cancer, human reproductive and developmental toxicity, endocrine disruption, birth defects & respiratory problems.

There is A LOT more to this. If you want to research more, you can simply Google “FDA Fragrance Loophole.”

A lot of the companies are a partaking in this loophole 🙁 


I want to thank you for taking your time to read this, and I don’t want you to feel discourage, because there are brands out there that are truly safe…but they are not being seen. 

We can change that. 

We can support companies who are truly caring about our health and the planet!

If you want to talk more about it, let me know! Follow me on Instagram @tiffanie.anne, and DM me 🙂 I am all ears and I am here to help you as much as I know how!

My Apologies + Regrets

Also, I will openly admit that I have collaborated with several brands before that are in the category of greenwashing, but now that I know and am slightly more educated in it…I refuse to continue any collaboration with them or any other companies who mislead consumers.

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