Eco-Friendly & Sustainable
Valentine’s Day
Heart Crayon Cards!

Save those broken crayons for this upcycle, reuse and renew project!

Anyone have a bunch of broken crayons?

Anyone have miscellaneous crayons you have collected at restaurants?

Anyone have kids who refuse to use broken crayons?

I said, “YES”
to all of the above!

My daughter for some reason thinks we need new crayons, but I was determined to have her use what she has and not waste these “broken” crayons.


How can we convince our kids to use their broken crayons that still color?!

We can reuse, renew and reshape them!

I decided to make mine hearts, which was perfect because Valentine’s Day was coming up!

But you can reshape them into any shape! My best advice is to use silicone mold, because it is easier to pop them out.

A tin mold would work too, but you may just need a knife to help you pop it out.

How to Reuse, Renew and Reshape Broken Crayons!



▸ Crayons!

(I have noticed that Crayola crayons melt the fastest and works well, because it is higher quality with better oil in their crayons)


▸ Silicone Mold

(This is the one I used!
I highly recommend it.) (1)  


 ▸ Optional: Parchment Paper

(This is to place under the silicone mold when you place it in the oven for the crayons to melt. I use this one, it is unbleached for non-toxic paper.)

▸ Optional: Warm bowl of water

(this is to help you take out the crayon labels, if you need it.)

1) Preheat the oven to 275 degrees. 

2) Remove all the wrappers around your crayon.

If you need some assistance, a bowl of warm/hot water can help. Soak the crayons in the bowl for a few minutes, before peeling.

3) Break the crayons into little pieces to fit into the mold. 

Tip: have the kids help you here! My 4 year old had a lot of fun doing this. (1)

4) Place your tiny pieces of crayons into your mold into whatever variety or groupings you’d like! Time to get creative.

5) I advise to place parchment paper under your silicone mold, in case there are any spills or anything.

6) Place it in the oven at 275 degrees for about 10-15 minutes. 

Timing can range, depending on how thick your crayons are. 

7) Carefully, remove your silicone mold and allow it to cool down and harden. 

This approximately takes 45 minutes to an hour. 

Once it has harden, pop them off and enjoy your new set of crayons!

No waste here!!

Valentine’s Day Cards!

This is a great no candy Valentine’s Day alternative! (1)

Want to gift an eco-friendly non-candy Valentine Day cards?

This free printable (below) is the best way to showcase your upcycled melted crayon project!

Tip: use a hot glue gun to attach your melted heart crayon to the card 


Hope you enjoyed this sustainable + no waste project!

See, it is simple to reuse and renew!

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