DIY Light Up Holiday Decor!
Neon Light with Cricut


Night lights! Neon lights! LED Lights! Give me all the fun lights!! Our family absolutely loves all the fun decorative lights, especially during the holidays!

These lights give us joy and comfort (especially for the little ones at night). So, I decided to customize a night light that can be used all year round, including the holidays!

Talk about a multi-use sustainable option!

The main component of this fun personalized project is my Cricut Joy!

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OKAY, let’s see how I make a year-round multi-use holiday light for my family using my Cricut Joy!



Cricut Joy

Basic Cricut Toolset

Cricut Grip Mat
(for your vinyl)

Vinyl of your choice
(I used this holographic vinyl)

Transfer Tape

Display Case

Fairy Lights

Poly Fil

My Vision for the Project!

See how the clear display case has 4 sides? I have decided to have each side have its own image that could be displayed throughout the year or depending on your mood.

Think, interchangeable light up decor!
If you are tired of one image, go to the next.

For example, I wanted one side to be Halloween themed.

Then I wanted another side to be Christmas themed.


Then the other two sides had something that could be displayed year round, because it best represents our family and decor!


How to Make a
Multi-Use Light Up Holiday Decor!

1. Make your design on Cricut Design Space!

2. I chose all my designs using their Images Library. There are so many options, which made it easy to create this project! 

3. Pick your vinyl. I chose this holographic vinyl.

4. Time to cut and weed out your design with your Basic Cricut Toolset.

5. Apply transfer tape to transfer your design to the display case. 

TIP: Use your Cricut Scraper from the Basic Cricut Toolset to reassure your design transfers successfully onto the transfer paper.

6. Continue to do this to each image for each panel (4 panels) of the display case. 

7. Time to add your stuffing inside the display case and fluff it all around, so it fills up the center.

8. Add fairy lights and mix it around the stuffing to equally distribute the lights (as best as you can).

OPTION: Another great option is adding a puck light, if you do not have fairy lights. 

You got your very own multi-use light decor!

It can be used throughout the year, even during holidays! Want a change? Just simply turn the night light around!

How awesome is this multi-use sustainable night light?!

No need to buy a light for each holiday or mood. Simply, make your own with Cricut!

What images or designs would you put on your customized display case?!

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