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My Surprising Experience With SNOO! | PLUS Tips & Tricks

Ohhhhh, the SNOO. If you are reading this, you most likely have heard parents say that the SNOO Smart Sleeper changed their lives. Or that the SNOO is a lifesaver for parents with newborns and infants. SNOO is advertised as the safest and smartest bed for your baby. BUT with the price tag of $1,295 you are probably wondering…is it really worth $1,295.00?!

Snoo Bassinet Review | Safest Smartest Baby Bed | Dr. Harvey Karp | Happiest Baby |

To be completely honest, I asked that question numerous times before owning one. Because of this, we were hesitant to own one.

Why did we take the plunge?

Three Main Reasons:

1. Desperate for Sleep: My husband and I were already desperate for sleep with our toddler daughter. We wanted to be prepared to get as much sleep with our newborn.
2. Dr. Harvey Karp. He is a genius and is behind the creation of the SNOO.
3. More eco-friendly materials: SNOO smart sleepers are free from toxic chemicals like phthalates and BPA. Their sheets are also made with organic cotton.

If you are a parent or parent-to-be, you have probably heard of Dr. Harvey Karp from those birthing preparation classes offered at the hospital. Or you may have read his bestselling book, “The Happiest Baby on the Block.” Where he talks about his famous 5-second swaddle technique and 5 S’s to calm a baby.

If you have not heard of him, I highly recommend Googling him and/or reading his book. He has great tips and knowledge for all parents with newborns.

Snoo Bassinet Review | Safest Smartest Baby Bed | Dr. Harvey Karp | Happiest Baby |

Dr. Harvey Karp really helped us with our firstborn and we actually re-read his book, “The Happiest Baby on the Block” again when I was pregnant with my second! We both needed a good refresher.

Click here to see Dr. Harvey Karp’s bestselling book!

The “Hype” Behind SNOO

Snoo Bassinet Review | Safest Smartest Baby Bed | Dr. Harvey Karp | Happiest Baby |

Like I said before, SNOO Smart Sleeper claims to be the safest and smartest bed for your baby.

It also claims the following:
(which is very enticing to new parents)

↠ Adds 1-2 hours of sleep
↠ Naturally sleep trains, no need to cry-it-out
↠ Only bed that is able to prevent risky rolling
↠ A 24/7 smart helper, SNOO soothes baby while you fix a meal or catch some sleep

Sounds amazing, right?!
…but, maybe a little too amazing?

Our Experience with SNOO

Snoo Bassinet Review | Safest Smartest Baby Bed | Dr. Harvey Karp | Happiest Baby |

Our sweet son, Maverick, went straight to the SNOO after being discharged from the hospital. The first few days, he did well. He would sleep in the SNOO with no fuss and had pretty long stretches of sleep. Then all of a sudden…

he would wake up every 2-3 hours.

The SNOO has 4 different levels. It reacts to your baby’s motions and sounds in the SNOO.For example, if your little one starts to cry to SNOO will go from level 1 to 2, and if your baby continues to cry and is moving a lot, the SNOO will mimic different womb-like motions to help them sleep. The higher the level, the more “intense” the rocking motion and sound the SNOO makes.

Let’s just say hearing and seeing SNOO go to level 3 and 4 (the highest intensity levels) so often and with our son being so little, it kind of freaked us out seeing him shake and scream in the SNOO. So, my husband and I decided to not use the SNOO as frequently. But then we thought… wait, we have this $1,295.00 bassinet and we are not using it often.

Something is not right.

So, we decided to contact SNOO’s customer service, and this is what we learned.

SNOO’s Response

Snoo Bassinet Review | Safest Smartest Baby Bed | Dr. Harvey Karp | Happiest Baby | 8

Did you know that you get free access to Sleep Specialists with your SNOO?! Yes, it is true! I had no idea till I contacted their customer service.

We have had a total of 3 phone calls and email exchanges with SNOO’s sleep specialists to help baby Maverick (and us) get better sleep. They are extremely helpful!

They gave knowledgeable tips and advice, and they will also follow-up with you and check-in to make sure you see some improvements. Everyone at SNOO is awesome!

SNOO Tips + Tricks

to get your baby well-adjusted

Snoo Bassinet Review | Safest Smartest Baby Bed | Dr. Harvey Karp | Happiest Baby | 6

I will admit, I totally held the SNOO at such a high standard before actually owning it. I mean, who wouldn’t when it claims to be the smartest bassinet?! But I had to remind myself that we are talking about babies here. Every baby is different and this is the time to learn more about them and their sleeping styles.

Here are 4 TIPS we learned

from SNOO’s Sleep Specialists

1) Hands-up! Hands-up!

Snoo Bassinet Review | Safest Smartest Baby Bed | Dr. Harvey Karp | Happiest Baby |

We quickly learned that Maverick was not a fan of placing his arms down in swaddles. He would always fight to move his arms up, so we were advised to have his arms out of the Happiest Baby SNOO Sack (the one included with the SNOO).

Their sleep sack has buttons that you can unbutton to be able to do this! Maverick unfortunately was waking himself up with his hands, so we used the Love to Dream swaddle and then put it through the arms of the SNOO Sleep Sack. This was a success!!

He then went from waking up every 2-3 hours to sleeping for 3-4 hours at night, then at 2 months he slept through the night for 6-7 hours!

2) The Tuna Trick! (or Leg Lifters)

Snoo Bassinet Review | Safest Smartest Baby Bed | Dr. Harvey Karp | Happiest Baby |

We noticed that Maverick would spit up in the SNOO and at first we thought the motion of the SNOO was getting him sick, but then we realized he was doing that elsewhere too and had minor reflux issues.

To help with this, you can get 2 cans of tuna and place them under the 2 legs under the baby’s head to raise the SNOO or you can purchase SNOO Leg Lifters. We decided to purchase the risers.

3) The Rice Bag Trick!

I promise you, I am not giving you cooking recipes. (LOL) These are actual tips and tricks that have helped many babies adjust to SNOO Smart Sleeper. This trick helps comfort babies by the added pressure of the rice bag.

For the Rice Bag Trick, you need two things: 1 lb. bag of rice AND 1 small towel or anything to wrap around the bag of rice so it doesn’t make noises when your baby is being rocked. You place the rice bag on top of the inner bands that wrap your baby’s stomach. Then zip up the SNOO sack.

4) The Towel Trick

All you need is a small hand towel or two. I rolled a hand towel and placed it under my son’s feet and knees. This may be more comforting for your little one because babies are not used to laying flat like we are. The rule of thumb is to have to be 4-5″ high. High enough where your baby’s feet are higher than their knees.

**NOTE: Once your baby is getting adjusted to the SNOO, slowly remove each of these tricks one-by-one, till your baby is 100% comfortable sleeping in the SNOO and you’ve seen improvements in their sleep.

CONCLUSION: Is SNOO Smart Sleeper worth it?

Snoo Bassinet Review | Safest Smartest Baby Bed | Dr. Harvey Karp | Happiest Baby |

I agree, the price tag of $1,295.00 is a lot. Then you have to factor in that most babies only sleep in the SNOO till about 6-7 months.

Another option to think about is that you can actually rent SNOO Smart Sleeper and pay monthly.

This could be a financially better option. In 2020, the rates go from $3.70 per day and $112 per month (Minimum rental period is 1 month).

Or you could search for the SNOO on your local Facebook Marketplace or Mercari or any other resale apps. BUT I am unsure if you have free access to their Sleep Specialists, if you purchase through this route.

I would say purchase it if you are planning to have more babies in the future 🙂

My husband and I whole heartedly recommend SNOO smart sleeper!

After comparing the first months without SNOO with our firstborn to having SNOO now with our second child, WE WISH we had it for our firstborn. Once Maverick got comfortable with the SNOO (thanks to their Sleep Specialists!) he was sleeping through the night at 2.5 months!

My friend’s baby slept for 8 hours in his SNOO before he turned 2 months! I have had a lot of people tell me that their little ones would sleep 10-12 hour stretches in the SNOO at about 2 months. But remember, every child is different (like mine LOL).

We love that SNOO Smart Sleeper helps sleep train your baby and responds to their needs by mimicking sounds and movement from the womb. Another big reason, we also love the SNOO is that it is safe!

AKA: When he is napping, I am not totally freaking out when I take a shower. Moms, you know what I mean. I am looking at the monitor a little less with the SNOO. (LOL).

The SNOO is not only a parent’s dream, but its perfect for newborns, especially because it

helps babies transition into this world. 

Think of being in a warm cozy womb for 9(ish) months and then you are “thrown” into this world where your environment and everything around you is completely different.

The SNOO has most certainly helped us transition from being a family of 3 to a family of 4 with a toddler and newborn.

Thank you, SNOO!
(especially all of the Sleep Specialists that helped us!! They are awesome!)

Snoo Bassinet Review | Safest Smartest Baby Bed | Dr. Harvey Karp | Happiest Baby |


Snoo Bassinet Review | Safest Smartest Baby Bed | Dr. Harvey Karp | Happiest Baby | Baby Registry Must Haves | Bassinet or Crib |
Snoo Bassinet Review | Safest Smartest Baby Bed | Dr. Harvey Karp | Happiest Baby | Baby Registry Must Haves | Bassinet or Crib |

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Thursday 14th of January 2021

Love the idea with using the LTD swaddle for arms up. Since that is 2 sleep sacks, did you do only a diaper and no onesie?


Thursday 6th of August 2020

How was the weaning process for the Snoo when you had to transition to a crib?


Monday 13th of January 2020

my kids are teens now so the next time i need to look for something like this is years away.. but SNOO does sound amazing and looks so aesthetic too..

Kelly| citytoast2southerntea

Monday 13th of January 2020

This is really cool to learn but not sure if I would spend this much on a crib but will be forwarding this to my friend whom may be interested


Monday 13th of January 2020

What a beautiful bassinet! That does have quite the price tag. There weren't as many options for baby gear even 10 years ago when my kids were little. At least it has some sleep support with it.

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