When you were a kid, you didn’t think much about wrapping paper, cardboard, or plastic. You probably didn’t consider what happens when your new toy wears out, either.

But now, people are thinking harder about the effect gift-giving has on the planet. Learn some tips for environmentally responsible gifting.

Be Mindful of Processes and Packaging Be mindful of packaging. Avoid plastic, and look for recyclable and reusable packaging. When you shop, bring your own reusable shopping bags.

Rehabilitate Regifting Regifting has been reborn. Once, people only thought of it as a cheap and inconsiderate means of ridding oneself of an unwanted gift and passing it off as a new present to a casual acquaintance.

Bring Homemade Happiness

Your friends and family will genuinely appreciate the effort and time you put into creating homemade gifts. Make hot cocoa kits in reusable mason jars.

Shop Local

Reduce your own carbon footprint by shopping locally. If possible, ride your bike or take public transportation to your shopping destination.

Know That Experiences Matter

A massage at a local spa, e-tickets to a concert, or a membership in a local museum or botanical garden will create lasting memories and gratitude for your thoughtfulness.

Environmentally responsible gift-giving is rapidly becoming the norm and expectation for those who care about sustainability and the preservation of our planet.

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