Do These 5 Sustainable Tips When Your Baby Outgrows Things!

Babies grow up quickly, and they outgrow clothes, furniture, and toys just as fast. Fortunately, you can repurpose many of these items instead of tossing them! It’s essential to teach our kids from a young age the importance of reusing items we grow out of. Maintain the focus on promoting sustainability in the family by learning what to do with your baby’s outgrown things. Let’s dive into the 5 sustainable tips for when your baby outgrows their things!

Sustainable Tip #1:
Turn Old Baby Clothes Into Rags

With spring cleaning on the horizon, it’s time to mosey over to the closet and drawers and rummage through the rags and towels to see what has reached its last thread. While doing that, consider what items around the house you could use as a replacement for dainty washcloths.

You might choose an old tee, but an old onesie is the best thing to reuse. Your kids likely outgrow these garments at 24 months, leaving you with heaps to donate, reuse, and resell if they’re in good condition. If you don’t have family members with babies on the way, your best bet is to repurpose these items into rags.

Sustainable Tip #2:
Try Transforming Old Baby Clothes Into a Blanket

Some families are highly sentimental, so they won’t want to repurpose old burp cloths, onesies, thin tees, and sleepers into rags. Instead of a rag, try knitting a blanket out of those old items. The blanket can be a lovely gift to give the kids in the future when they move out.

Sustainable Tip #3:
Give Old Items To New Parents

One thing new parents might have mixed feelings about is secondhand items. However, just because they’re pre-used doesn’t mean they’re in terrible condition. Assess your old things and contact friends and family members expecting their first child to see if they may want anything.

You never know; an old secondhand item might save the new parents money that they can instead use for their infant’s nursery. Additionally, giving old things away prevents the items from ending up in landfills.

Sustainable Tip #4:
Repurpose Outgrown Baby Furniture

One of the reasons your baby hates diaper changes is that they may have outgrown their changing table. If this happens quickly, you may need to invest in a second table! Once your child starts achieving bigger milestones, you can decrease the number of diaper changes throughout the day. Still, you could face a heap of old baby furniture by the time your own child outgrows it all.

For nurseries with no multi-purpose furniture, you could repurpose the items into something else to use around the house. The old dresser could transform into a toy chest, while a clean changing table can be a desk for the kids to do their homework, color, or read a book. If you ever find yourself inclined to browse the furniture aisle, consider the alternative of repurposing old baby furniture first.

Sustainable Tip #5:
Just Recycle Everything

Your family may not have any use for those old baby items, and that’s OK. You could always recycle them. Recycling is beneficial for the environment and an effective tool for condensing your baby’s outgrown things. Contact local recycling programs to find places to drop off gently used clothes, furniture, and toys.

A proven method of condensing your home is to reduce the items your children have outgrown. From infants to teens, everyone in the family can contribute to reducing, reusing, and recycling things they don’t have an attachment to anymore. For more easy ideas on how to live a sustainable lifestyle, read my post here!

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